Ten Years on, How Did I Do on My Long Term Writing Goals?

Ten Years on, How Did I Do on My Long Term Writing Goals? 

Notes from my writer's notebook

In August of 2006, on the cover of a notebook I titled "Commitment to Writing" I listed my long term goals. This notebook slipped out of its place on the shelf recently, which is why it caught my attention. I was floored when I read over my long term goals list and realized in the ten years since I wrote them, I have accomplished ALL of them. I have an MFA, a full time job in a field I love, an apartment in a Boston neighborhood, and have had a job copy editing, not to mention doing a lot of communication work in my current job. 

That's amazing, when I consider what else has occurred in the last ten years: the death of my father, a harrowing time in grad school, a national recession, an affordable housing crisis in my city. Through luck, will, and, I cannot deny, talent, I've accomplished all my goals without even realizing it. When everything is done in long, slow increments, it's hard to see the progress one makes. I'm glad I wrote them down, so I can give myself the credit I hardly ever grant myself. I'm pretty proud!

And my new goals? I'm going to go a little loftier this time:
  • Become America's first almost-40, body & sex positive-activist, plus-size, pin-up super model & style blogger/icon
  • Publish that book of poetry I had started just a few months before I made my last list in Aug 2006, and two or three other "almost finished" manuscripts 
  • Open a non-profit sex positive center for sex education 
  • Own a really cute "Tiny Home" (on the larger side, for the clothes and books), preferably painted purple
  • Greatly expand my teeny tiny press work to a small press 
  • Publish my at least one childrens' book

Bridget Eileen at the Zinc Bar - My Poetry Reading in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC (NY, USA, Earth, Milky Way, etc)

Bridget Eileen at the Zinc Bar in the Village of Manhattan
Sorta Selfie - The Zinc Bar with me in the Reflection of the Window

Bridget Eileen Poetry Reading at the Zinc Bar in The Village 

First and foremost, I want to note: I LOVE DOING POETRY READINGS!!! Some people hate them, but I think I came to poetry by way of a performing arts background, it's one of my favorite things about being a poet. I certainly love it more than sending poems out to publish. That's a vulnerability that's not my favorite. But being in front of everyone to read is, for me, the best. If you're ever looking for readers for your series, I will happily do it. And, if I do say so myself, I put on a pretty good show, because I love it.

So I was really happy when I was invited to be a featured reader at the poetry reading series at the Zinc Bar in Greenwich Village back at the end of April. It was a more or less last minute invitation; it came at the beginning of April and I couldn't confirm I could go until the middle of April. But off I was able to go and it was a lot of fun, though a smaller affair on account of it being one of the most beautiful Spring Days probably in the history of the North East.

Have you been to New York City ever? It really is pretty damn magical. Just full of energy and vibrancy and life. (And dirt, grime and toughness, but that can be slightly appealing in its own gritty way, too.)

The reading took place just a few days after Prince had died. So with just a few days before the reading, I scrapped the last group of poems I'd picked out for my 20 minute set and did something special for the mournful occasion.

purple poems chapbook for poetry reading after prince died by bridget eileen

I have all my poems stored on Google drive, so I searched for the word "purple" and gathered all the poems with the -- OMG freaky! As I was typing this "I Wanna Be Your Lover" began playing on my old-school iPod with a playlist of 300+ songs! It's a message from the Purple One that he endorses his tribute! -- anyway, gathered all the poems with the word purple and created a small chapbook. I closed my reading by reading "The Purple Poems" in honor of Prince and handed out homemade copies to the cozy but enthusiastic crowd.

poetry reading at the Zinc Bar

poetry reading in Manhattan's Zinc Bar in Greenwich Village

a poetry reading in NYC at The Zinc Bar in the Village, Manhattan

Poets Bridget Eileen and Anthony Cappo read at Zinc Bar, April 25, 2016 in New York City