A Study on Close Reading Poetry

The Whole Elephant - a holistic approach to close reading 

This blog started out as a place to post the progress of my graduate critical thesis which was a study on the close reading of poetry.

from the Preface:

This is a chronicle of my exploration of the close reading of poetry. My interpretation of the definition and practice of a close reading changed as I worked on the project. Each time I read a new source--another poet’s ideas on what makes a poem a poem, of what the purpose of poetry is, of the best practices in studying and thinking about poetry--my knowledge was expanded and my definition was altered. Therefore, what I wrote in the beginning was amended by the end...I wanted to create a project that showed a personal odyssey into the process of intensely reading poetry and what I gained from this as a student, a reader and as a writer...After reading so many sources, I know that I could devote a lifetime to this study of a close reading of poetry and still learn more.