"The Fickleness of Picture Book Publishing"

To read: http://www.movetothewrite.com/tips-n-stuff/the-fickleness-of-picture-book-publishing

Highlights from the #MuseumofFineArts #Boston

"The New Necklace" by Paxton, my Aunt Betty's favorite

My nana painted a replica of this painting and it's awesome. My mom has it in NOLA.

If I had an aura, I think this is what it would look like.

The British are coming. Paul Revere is a hottie.

Jose Andres Takes a Stand

Brilliant mind and master chef Jose Andres was set to open up a restaurant in Donald Trump's Washington DC hotel. In light of Trump's despicable remarks in his foolish presidential candidacy declaration speech, Andres has backed out of the deal.

“Donald Trump’s recent statements disparaging immigrants make it impossible for my company and I to move forward with opening a successful Spanish restaurant in Trump International’s upcoming hotel in Washington, D.C.,” the statement reads. “More than half of my team is Hispanic, as are many of our guests.  And, as a proud Spanish immigrant and recently naturalized American citizen myself, I believe that every human being deserves respect, regardless of immigration status.”

My love for this celebrity chef and remarkable mind has not waned in the years since I first learned of him. All the truly talented creative types are an inspiration, no matter how their creativity is manifested. (I will forever be moved by Joan River's heartfelt monologue on Louie, just before he makes out with her.)

The Trumps are being typical horrible people and threatening to sue.

“Our relationship with José Andrés has always been a good one, but simply put, José has no right to terminate or otherwise abandon his obligations under the lease, ” Trump Jr. wrote. “In the event Mr. Andrés defaults in the performance of his obligations, we will not hesitate to take legal action to recover all unpaid rent for the entire 10 year term together with all attorneys’ fees and additional damages we may sustain. We will also enforce the exclusivity provisions preventing Mr. Andrés from opening a competing restaurant anywhere in the D.C area.  Mr. Andrés’ obligations under the lease are clear and unambiguous. More importantly, construction is ahead of schedule at Trump International Hotel, Washington D.C. and when completed in 2016, will be a crown jewel within the Trump Hotel Collection.”
More on the story at: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/reliable-source/wp/2015/07/08/jose-andres-backs-out-of-restaurant-in-donald-trumps-hotel/ 

The Work Week, 32 Hours or Longer Than 40

Two conflicting stories emerged int he news this week

The Case for the 32-Hour Workweek

Jeb Bush: People Need to Work Longer Hours

My Confused Bedroom Window

#HillaryClinton #NRA #bumperstickers The NRA one is from the previous occupant (my landlord, so it stays) and the bumpersticker is mine, for being an early adopter. 

FEMININE FEMINIST - Girly Girl Glitter Power

Please read this article, which is my anthem. It contains gems like:
Little girls are, for the most part, taught that women can be anything. This is a message that we try to instil in them from day one. However, what they aren't taught is that people who dress, think or act in a traditionally feminine manner can be anything. The message that we consistently send out is that in order to achieve any kind of significant career goals, girls need to adopt traits that are typically associated with masculinity. Like, sure you can be a girl and write code, but you can't write code while wearing a dress. You can chair a meeting, but not while wearing sparkly hair clips. You can repair a bicycle, but not while wearing lipstick. Everyone knows that lipstick prevents people from being competent.
Read the whole thing at:


"10 Things Organized People Do Every Day"

I definitely follow the second half of #5, having an evening ritual. Without coordinating each day's outfit and accessories the night before, I would not have the ability to create vintagebridgestyle.com


Text Poems

Language and texting, poems and spelling. An older article that came to my attention recently.