"In America, black children don’t get to be children" from Washington Post

 Stacey Patton, reporter at Chronicle of Higher Education, has a stark, must-read opinion piece at Washington Post. An excerpt:
When black parents read about the killings of Jordan DavisDarius Simmons,Trayvon MartinMichael BrownAiyana Stanley-JonesRenisha McBride and so many others, they are forced to instill fear in their children — warning them about the dangers of white people and the police. Such words of caution are not enough to overcome the centuries of attitudes toward and policies behind white killing of black children.

"Parents call the cops on teens distributing a banned book" story from Good Reader

Sherman Alexie's book "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian" was banned from the curriculum in Idaho town. Students and an indie book store raised enough money to give away 350 copies of the books, for all the 10th graders who were no longer allowed to read it. Then the parents who lobbied for the banning of the book called the police, who didn't udnerstand why they were called and let the give away proceed.


In Case You Missed It: Google Maps Tracks Santa's Progress on Christmas Eve

So, next year, tune in to Google maps on Christmas Eve and you can find out where Santa is. When I happened to check, he was in Puerto Rico. Feliz Navidad!

Really Love This: "50 Reasons Not To Date A Poet"

9. They collect obscure words that have not been in circulation for at least 100 years or more. 
10. They insert these antediluvian words into conversations just to rebel.


UN Workers "Horrified' at Gender Inequality in the US

"The lack of accommodation in the workplace to women's pregnancy, birth and post-natal needs is shocking," Raday said. "Unthinkable in any society, and certainly one of the richest societies in the world." 

The full article is illuminating: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/foreign-women-assess-us-gender-equality_566ef77de4b0e292150e92f0

Afghanistan, Bridal Virginity, "Honor" Killings and Abuse

From "Radio Free Europe"


What we do to women in the name of religious laws governing sexuality enrages me.

To read: "Raw meat, live sex and snakes: the dangerous art of Carolee Schneemann"

At the Guardian.  I love  features on paradigm shifters.


Drew Magary's "The 2015 Hater’s Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog"

The annual "Hater's Guide to the William Sonoma Catalog" is out and it's a rife with sarcasm and hilarity as ever. Please enjoy this fine piece of annual literature.

I have always wanted to, in supplment to this hater's guide, go through the catalog and get it's counterpart from Dollar Tree. I think that would be hilarious.

Read the whole thing at Adequate Man on Dead Spin.


bell hooks interview at NYT

On the reading list:


Toxic Workers Cost Firms Twice as Much as a Superstar Workers

"At some point in our careers, most of us have come across someone known as a “toxic worker,” a colleague or boss whose abrasive style or devious actions can make the workday utterly miserable. Such people hurt morale, stoke conflict in the office, and harm a company’s reputation...toxic workers are so damaging to the bottom line that avoiding them or rooting them out delivers twice the value to a company that hiring a superstar performer does."

I'm sure you've experienced this. I definitely have, do, live with this typ of thing all the time. What to do about it if you're one of the powerless co-workers, though, is what we have to deal with. Most of the time it's just "move on to a new place" but that's tough, especially in a rough job market.

Read the full article: http://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2015/11/those-toxic-co-workers/?utm

The Science of Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking

To lighten the load of a week frought with heaviness, here's a delicious article about chocolate chip cookie baking.

Also, bonus info, the Massachusetts State Cookie is the Chocolate Chip Cookie:

Massachusetts State Cookie: Chocolate Chip Cookie

The Chocolate Chip Cookie was designated the official cookie of the Commonwealth on July 9, 1997. A third grade class from Somerset proposed the bill to honor the cookie invented in 1930 at the Toll House Inn and restaurant in Whitman.