From the Woodberry Poetry Room - ODE TO THE INSTRUMENT: Liner Notes for a John Wieners’ Recording

"...In conjunction with last week’s Oral History Initiative: On John Wieners, the Woodberry Poetry Room digitized a previously uncataloged disc (likely Wieners’ first recording) made at Fassett Studio in Beacon Hill in March 1962. For access to the entire recording, visit the Poetry Room’s Listening Booth. We also invited Robert Dewhurst, the emcee of our oral history, to reflect on one of the poems in the recording…."
Full story and recording (!!!) at:

2001 interview with #ToriAmos

This is what happens when you find a new one (see previous post); immediately there's another link to an old one you haven't seen and -poof!- down the rabbit hole you go. Haha. Well. This one was fascinating; especially talking about the Eminem song, "97 Bonnie & Clyde", which she did a version of (so so soooo creppy) on Strange Little Girls.

#ToriAmos on MSNBC's "So Popular" with Janet Mock

#earswithfeet Have you picked up your "The Light Princess" yet? I have, but--confession--have not yet hunkered down for a good beginning to end listen. Here is Tori promoting the Original Cast Recording of her musical "The Light Princess." She discusses sexulaity, adolescence, sexual assualt and growing pains. As well as her career and music.

John Wiener's in the New Yorker

The New Yorker has a feature article on John Wieners and John Updike.
The connection is that they're both Boston poets who were contemporaries.

The review itself of John Wieners has ruffled some feathers. (Including mine.) Why the objection? I'm not quite sure. I guess its nuanced. John Wieners is described as a "lapsed Catholic." This irks me to no end. He was culturally Catholic, like so many of us in the Boston area. But he didn't lapse away from Catholicism. He just wasn't -- and nobody better EVER classify me as a LAPSED Catholic. I am a person who was raised Catholic and then found my real faith once I was out from under the faith's oppression. I'd suspect Wiener's would prefer the same differentiation. Lapsed makes it seems like you might go back, non-practicing, passively letting it go. Oh no, Chiasson. Oh no, world. We deliberately left, thank you.

Of course when I show friends who say "I'm not really into poetry" that line about the Fiedler overpass footbridge, they're like, "well, hello--maybe I DO like poetry." But there's something about it being the featured line in this review that irritates me. I show it to guy friends because it's provocative and they're not much into reading literature, so I'm showing them where literarture can go.

Anyway, the thing about the review that was so annoying overall was the "other"-ness projected on Wieners. As opposed to how I think of him, which is the center of things. Reading his poetry made my work make more sense to me. There was a heritage there. Chiasson looked at his work from a different place far less reverent and the spirit is imbibed (to use a Wieners phrase) thusly.

Do you know what this is reminding me of? The later 90s, when Alt Rock became mainstream. Everything I was so cool to have early adopted in the early 90s as a young teenager, suddenly got commodified, consumed and commercialized in a far less edgy, meaningful way. Now my favorite poet is receiving more mainstream attention and the attention, from the mainstream, is taking away what is significant and special and turning it into a little side show.

My whole collection of posts about John Wieners:

Boys for Pele - from The Guardian

Mmm, love thorough articles that analyze Tori things. So beautiful.

New Books for October 2015

These are the book purchases of a person who has definitely been binge listening to every Savage Lovecast since the show began in 2008. Admittedly, it was hearing about Sex at Dawn on TED Radio Hour on public radio that lead me to Christopher Ryan's podcast which lead me to Dan Savage's. And admittedly, I had both Zealot and Sex at Dawn borrowed from the library for a million year, so it was about time I got my own copies. 

#ActualAsianPoets - a compendium spotlight from Literary Hub

In reponse to a bunch of stuff, the most cringeworthy being the reprehensible yellowface in the recent edition of Best American Poetry, to most noteworthy being the publication (and prescience!) of Cathy Park Hong's "Delusions of Whiteness in the Avant Garde", Adam  Fitzgerald of Literary Hub gathered and posted this feature on Actual Asian Poets, "a celebration of Asisn and Asian American Poets."

Top Ten Signs You're Middle-Aged

This was fantastic!

Avoiding Aggressive Baby Gendering: Halloween Costumes Errry Day

So funny. Except I love pink and bows! But I think they belong on everyone and everythings: men, boys, puppies, ladies, baby girls, cars, whatevs.

Everything is Awesome because Emily Dickinson Tarot Cards Exist

 Emily Dickinson Tarot Cards

Man, if I didn't have a wedding half way across the country to be in, this is one item I'd spend my play money on for certain. As it is, I am saving for the upcoming nuptuals of my sister. If you have extra money you want to spend on something awesome, these Emily Dickinson Tarot Cards from Factory Hollow Press are a dream come true. Note: you can get them for me for Christmas Solstice and I will be your BFF.

"Conversations" - a new series at The Critical Flame

From the CF newsletter description:

"Too many author interviews focus on writing habits, lifestyle, the industry. We know a hell of a lot more about the mess on a writers' desk and the way they found an agent than we do about their ethics, their passions, their obsessions. That's a problem we aim to address."
Read the first installment with Molly Gaudry and Kristina Marie Darling at:

Charlie Pierce Theorizes the Pope's Meeting with Kim Davis Was a Conspiracy

I think because liberal Catholics of New England want to believe that this pope DGAF about gay marriage or any of the other hot button issues for the uber sex negative (but we all know secretly insanely kinky, in all likelihood) cardinals leftover from the John Paul II/ Ratzinger days. But whether your pope takes the name of the Best Hippie in History and espouses charity and love, the Church still has its Thomistic/Augustinian Doctrine which espouses that sex should be strictly for procreative reasons only and therefore 2nd & 3rd base, bum stuff, and sex between the infertile is all very very very evil. There's no getting out of that mindset, liberal Catholics, except to not be Catholic anymore. Sorry, kids: it's standard issue.

Anyway, read his story of papal/ Vatican mystery and intrigue at:

#Free Performance: Mendelssohn and & Shakespeare's #AMidsummerNightsDream #HatchShell

At the end of the summer, the Landmark Orchestra & Commonwealth Shakespeare Company paired together for a really amazing performance at the Esplanade. The Landmark Orchestra does a bunch of free performances at the Hatch Shell during the summer. This one was particularly awesome because it was paired with the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company. We are so lucky to have such great opportunities for free and really fantastic art performances in this great city of ours!
This was my picnic lunch that I bought at the well-stocked CVS on Boylston St.
The actors, musicians and ASL interpretors were all bar-none.
And the moon looked so pleasantly Shakespearean fantasy.
People in the park doing yoga. Very cool.

Intelligent Women

From "Sex+ Self Love Thursday"

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Women: Live Free or Die