Four Poems of Mine Now Published at Online Journal Anti-Heroin Chic

Woman V by Willem de Kooning

Four poems of mine are now published at the online poetry, photography and arts journal Anti-Heroin Chic.

I've posted this picture of Willem de Kooning's "Woman V" because the last poem of the four was inspired by his series of paintings.

Happy reading, friends! Thanks for checking them out and for your support!

Sarah Blake at the The Rumpus on the Submission Process

Blake includes "a list of things I do to remember that I have agency and control and respect in the face of constantly submitting my work to editorial judgment."

Read the whole thing at:

"I'm With Them" - Why the Democats Must Win in November, at Bitter Gertrude Blog

 An urgent case for solidarity with all Democratic nominees, regardless who wins the primary. We cannot let Trump win the presidency. This quote illuminates the urgency:
"How privileged do you need to be to imagine that it’s a good idea to risk the actual lives of vulnerable Americans because you “hate” Hillary so much you vow to stay home if Sanders doesn’t get the nomination? How protected from the consequences of a Trump presidency do you need to be to think your hatred of Hillary constitutes, as I saw someone say earlier this week, an “inviolable principle,” meaning, more important than the actual lives of vulnerable Americans?"

Lane Bryant Commercial - most TV networks won't air it

Oh hello there #bodypositive television commercial featuring beautiful women whose size is in the double digits. You're looking smashing today. 

And I want to say this: so do the pretty models in Victoria's Secret ads. Skinny, plus size, athletic, sqat, stalky, gigantic, feminine, masculine, genderflex -- it's all fun to see in my book.  And not an either or situations. 

Talent or Genius? Brainpickings Feature on Kerouac's Take

Portrait of Jack Kerouac by Tom Palumbo

Who is "genius"? Who is "talented"? What's the difference and what's the source of it?

That's the topic at hand, as discussed by Jack Kerouac in The Portable Kerouac.

What. The. F---: Stupidest School in Boston, UP Academy Holland AKA Orwellian Dystopia for Urban Children

Suspensions of kindergarteners. Absolute silence in the hallways. Discpline for sucking your teeth, slouching or rolling your eyes. The strictest, most sickening discipline -- which sounds like it's from a George Orwell novel, not a report on a Boston public radio station. But that is exactly what it is. A factual report on a school in the City of Boston.
As an Equal Justice Works fellow at Greater Boston Legal Services, McIntyre represents students who have been unlawfully suspended or expelled. Almost all are students of color, she says, and all have disabilities. Her clients’ median age is 8.
It is SHAMEFUL that while Massachusetts children of wealthy families receive some of the most progressive and impressive education private schools like Montessori can provide, public school schildren in lower income homes in Boston get a prison-like atmosphere, that punishes students for being human beings with opinions and natural desires to socially interact while in walking down the hall. I want to reach my hand through the computer and smack every stupid, rigid jerkface who thinks that any of this is even remotely a good idea. IT IS DISGUSTING.

I can only imagine what my favorite education guru Alfie Kohn must be thinking of this story.

Full story:

When Women Aren't on the Design Team: An Open Letter to the Shops at Putterham

Inline image 1

To Whom It May Concern:

The other day I went to the bank and as I was walking to my car, I noticed the weirdest thing. There's a scalloped, white-painted post with a rounded top at the end of the walkway.

I just wonder if any females took a look at the design of this section before it was implemented? Because it doesn't seem so. Perhaps it might be better to paint the post a different shade other than white. Just a suggestion.

I have attached a picture of what I'm talking about and a link to what it evokes.

While it is amusing, it's a bit odd, too. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has been struck by this idea.


Bridget Eileen

Hell Yes, Kids! Right on! Thousands of #BostonPublicSchool Students Stage Walk-Out to Protest Budget Cuts

Protesting a potential $50 million budget cut for the Boston Public School system, thousands of students staged a walk-out of class today. They marched to Fanueil Hall, where the mayor and the governor were at a conference for a Forbes Under 30 event.

Full story of democracy in action, and youth kicking butt at

14 Jazz Clubs in Boston

I'll never be satiated like I am in New Orleans but this can make me a little less second-home homeick while I'm home.

"Diana Nyad Never Gave Up" - one of the best Boston Public radio interviews ever

Diana Nyad is a world record breaking long distance swimmer. She said she sings Neil Young's "Needle and the Damage Done" to power through the toughest times during her swim.

She was interviewed on Boston Public Radio's afternoon program and II was tuned in during it live. Take some time to listen to her inspiring story. Her energy is infectious.